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Welcome to my quilt shop! I'm glad that you stopped by. Quilting is such a great hobby and you meet such wonderful people. When I started quilting way back in the 70's it wasn't the cool thing to do and we didn't have the supply of good fabrics and tools that we now have available to us. Back then all you needed was a good pair of scissors, some cardboard for templates, a needle and a scrap bag. My first pieced quilt was made like that. It is made of scraps from making clothes, curtains and other things around the house. I did buy the muslin background  and the red  that I made into the stars . None of the fabric was of good quality. And other than the muslin. it was mostly poly/cotton. There were no Quilt Shops and getting 100% cotton fabric was really hard.

I was unusual back then. You see quilting was almost a lost art. There were no quilting magazines or books available to buy or shops that offered quilting classes. And finding a friend that quilted was almost as impossible. I'm so grateful that the United States had their bicentennial in the mid 70's as it seemed to bring on some interest in quilting.

When some ladies started a quilting group in my hometown, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. These ladies soon became my best friends. I soon discovered that I liked quilters almost as much as I liked quilts. I've never met such generous and hardworking people and to my surprise they were willing to share their knowledge with me. In my first posting I just wanted to say thank you to all of you that have helped me get to where I am now. Thank you for teaching me the basics and encouraging me to learn more. I never would have been where I am now without you.


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