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Does size really matter?

Ten Sisters Easy Piecing Grid

I love postage stamp quilts ! However, working with those small pieces of fabric can sometimes be a challenge. Several years ago I met a great quilt instructor by the name of Carmen Geddes. She developed  a product  called " Ten Sisters Easy Piecing Grid" that makes creating these type of quilts so easy. And as a bonus you don't need to pin and all your points  meet.  The grid comes in 3 different sizes. (1", 1 1/2" and 2").

I love this product and wanted to do a little experiment to see how using the different sized grids would effect the size of my quilt. So far I have made completed two identical quilts using this method. For the first quilt used the 1" grid and for the second quilt used the 2" grid. The quilts are the same pattern but are so different in size and look. By using the 1" grid I created a small quilt I will probably use as a wall hanging or baby quilt.  For this quilt I used a vintage looking fabric line. It is bright and cheery and it makes me happy just looking at it. I discovered that I really liked the look of the quilt made from the 1" grid. There is something about those 1 inch squares that make the quilt look more difficult than it really was.  

When I used the 2" grid, I used a Riley Blake's Cowboy fabric line. The fabric was a perfect choice for a quilt for my grandson who loves anything cowboy. The quilt will fit his twin sized bed. This quilt worked up very quickly and I like it a lot.

I'm sure that when the third quilt is complete using the 1 1/2" grid, I will have a lovely lap size quilt. Whatever size grid I use, I know I will have a perfectly pieced quilt using Easy Piecing Grid.




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