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Book Sale Waxed canvas

Happy Friday! Like everyone else, I have been at home since the start of the Covid crisis. I have really enjoyed my time at home. I’ve been able to spend lots of time with my husband and to work on a few of my own projects.  I’m wanting to make some travel bags for my family for Christmas. I was thinking of bags similar to this one made by Klumhouse.

Travel bag

These bags are made out of waxed canvas. I purchased some  plain canvas and tried my hand at dying and waxing it myself. It was a lot of fun and I got some beautiful designs. Here are a few of them. I love the way waxed canvas ages and it is water resistant.  I’m sure I’ll do more of this in the future.


If you’d be interested in making one of these pouches, reach out to me and I will set up a class.

I have also spent time reading this last month.   I’ve read fun sappy romances, novels, a history book and of course quilting books.  I loved them all! Well, today I was thinking maybe you are ready for a new book or two. So I’ve decided to put all the books I have in stock on sale until the end of April. The website will show the regular price but at checkout, all books will be discounted 25%.

Have a great weekend my quilting friends!

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