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Zipper Pulls-Dark

Zipper Pulls-Dark

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Perfect for use with dark-colored fabrics, this set includes colors that work well together. They'd also provide great DARK contrast for any of your projects. Adding a zipper pull to leftover zipper tape gives you a new zipper out of supposed waste. You can also create a double-slide zipper from a single-slide zipper.

The colors included are:

  • ZIPPULL-105  Black

  • ZIPPULL-203  Jewel Green

  • ZIPPULL-204  Emerald

  • ZIPPULL-210  Twilight

  • ZIPPULL-225  Cobalt

  • ZIPPULL-235  Navy

  • ZIPPULL-240  Eggplant

  • ZIPPULL-258  Wild Plum

  • ZIPPULL-265  Hot Red

  • ZIPPULL-270  Cranberry

  • ZIPPULL-285  Tangerine

  • ZIPPULL-290  Papaya

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