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Legacy  Bamboo Blend Batting

Legacy Bamboo Blend Batting

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Pellon - BB96 Legacy Bamboo Blend Quilt Batting. Pellon's Legacy Bamboo Blend quilt batting is needle punched onto a very lightweight sheet of scrim which adds strength and makes hand and machine quilting easier. The batting will not stretch and can be stitches up to 8-10 apart. Enjoy creating garments and quilts using this innovative new product knowing that it is easy on your skin and easy on the environment and easy to work with while your work of art is under construction! Shrinkage can be from 2% - 5% depending on washing temperatures. It is recommended that the finished quilt be laundered and dried in cool temperatures in a gentle cycle, if using hot temperatures shrinkage can be from 3-5%. Pellon - BB96 Legacy Bamboo Blend Quilt Batting. 50% Bamboo 50% Cotton, Machine wash, 96 wide.

Sold per half meter

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